How To Stretch Hamstrings and find out how the body compensate for tightness

July 06, 2017

True Hamstrings Flexibility is a gem, yet many people who think they have flexible hamstrings, don't really have it. Instead many compensations take place to get the most range of motion out of where the body is already flexible, and to hid the tight spots.

This video brings it out in the open..

Are you ready to move on to a Higher Level of Flexibility?

Zaichik Stretching techniques do it the smart way and not the hard way. The stretch reflex is not wrestled with, but rather is avoided. So pain and injury don't stop the progress. Each muscle is isolated and get's manipulated through muscle space created, using various muscles actions against each other. Having tested various methods against each other. This is the safest, most pleasant and faster method known today.

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