Functional Kick Endurance, Retention and Adaptation

In Short, this program teaches various methods to engrain the kicks deeper into the muscle memory.

Real life situations are different from ideal situations!

This applies to everything, including martial arts techniques. On the street an altercation may occur, when you are not ready. You might be on an uneven surface or weighted down. Not wearing ideal clothes for fighting or caught off guard.

In the ring you maybe tired, out of breath, hurt, etc. You may not have practiced a particular technique for a while, and now you need it.

According to the science of Motor Learning, added stress or discomfort engrains the skill deeper into the nervous system. The body reaches for that skill, simply because it performed it under the same conditions before. Also deeper understanding of the skill is developed.

At the same time multiple studies show that retention of the skill is longer when stress is applied. This works from workout to workout and past final training session. This simply means that less training sessions are needed (let’s say a month or a week) and once training is terminated, the sharpness of the skill is retained longer.

There is only one catch!

The methods in this program are only aimed at already mastered skills. This means that you should only pick techniques that you do well.

An interesting use of this program in every day martial arts schoosl is fighting boredom. This is because when the basics are mastered, students tend to want to do other things. Doing a reverse punch or a roundhouse kick 500 times the same way can get a bit monotonous. However applying various stresses, add stimulations make training the same skill more interesting. While at the same time improving them further.

Do you need this program?

Only if you have some skills that you want to dig deeper in. Alternatively you can use this program if you are looking for ways to spice up your training.

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