This program shows a safe flying side kick progression and develops the height of the kick.
The capacity to jump high while performing this kick is found in a proper takeoff. However, to do the kick safely multiple times, the landing is of greatest importance.
Most schools teach the proper mechanics of the kick. A two-step approach, followed by a rear leg side kick and jump. The low jumping height injuries are usually found in lack of pre-conditioning and technical progression.
Conditioning for the flying side kick involves strength and plyometric exercises. Ideally, a student should land from a height above the one he can reach with the kick. This compensates for other forces (the horizontal vectors and lack of attention paid to the landing in favor of focus on the kick extension).
The progression involves drills that teach the body to “fly”, in small increments. Gradual advancement prevents injuries.

Do you need this program?

Do you have a good flying side kick? If so, you don’t need this program. If you want to improve the kick, you need the program.