Flying Split Scissors Kick, Two Direction Kick

This program teaches the progression to a Flying Scissors Kick or Two Direction Kick.

 A Flying Scissors Kick sometimes called Jump Split Scissors Kick, is a flying side kick with one leg and twist kick with the other. It’s not a kick for everyone to master. Definitely not something taught in a self-defense oriented school. However it’s a great demo kick. Good for light breaking. Something a kick enthusiast would train for. At the same time, certain systems require the Two Direction Kick in their curriculum.


Like many advanced kicks, the Flying Scissors Kick comes with quite a few prerequisites. One must master the following first:

The Program

This program starts with conditioning. Core and Legs have special positioning and strength requirements to do the kick properly. Those are trained first.

Following the conditioning a mutli-step progression is taught to fully master the kick.

Do you need this program?

Can you do this kick? If so you don’t need it.

If you can’t do this kick. You need it.


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