Side Kick Complete Bundle

Side Kick is technique that has a potential to end the fight.

On the street or in the ring, it can stop the opponent cold. How come it’s only rarely used to it’s full effectiveness. A large part of the equation to utilize the kick fully, is found in the set up. The more powerful the kick (or punch), the more shifting of mass is needed.

This means longer trajectory. For this reason, it is easier to detect. Thus making it less effective. Very few fighters can keep scoring with a side kick outright. Just like very few fighters can keep throwing a straight right and landing each time.Power shots require a set up.

This program includes:

1.-  Side Kick: Kicking Leg 

2.- Side Kick and Side Line Kicks: Trunk Flexibility and Strength Development

3.- Side Kick: Height 

4.- Side Kick: Power Development

5.- Side Kick: Speed Development

6.- Side Kick: Precision and Accuracy

7.- Side Kick: Neutralizing Opponents Defense and Guard Penetration Set Ups


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